A new association has been set up, aimed at owners of Portuguese property who let out their homes to holidaymakers. The National Association of Local Lodging Establishments (NALLE) has been established to represent and serve property owners, agents and property managers who are engaged in local lodging in Portugal.

If you let out furnished accommodation directly to holidaymakers on a short-term basis you are engaged in tourist-related services and are required by law to register your Local Lodging activity.

A statement from NALLE says: “The mission of the National Association of Local Lodging Establishments is to provide information and support to its members, and enhance security and compliance in local lodging operations.

“We provide our members with accurate, up-to-date information and keep them current with ever-changing legislation. NALLE also aims to be an integrative, representative voice to work with policymakers, government officials and tourist interest groups to defend the industry and find solutions that respond to all concerns.”