Looking for work overseas can be richly rewarding.  You will meet other people, settle into a fresh career and explore a new country.

High salaries are one thing, but money isn’t everything and some jobs offer better ‘perks’ than others.

There are all kinds of potential perks offered by overseas jobs, so in this article we’ll be looking at some of the best.

Starting off small: free food, discounts and in-house fun

Starting off on the thinner end of the perks scale, there are a wide range of ‘simple’ benefits which may be used to welcome you into companies or ensure that you find each workday enjoyable.

A perk you might get before starting work is a sign-on bonus, where you are paid a lump sum to make accepting a new position more appealing.

Sign-on bonuses may need to be returned if you leave the company before a certain period of working there, but if you are committed to the job then this can be an excellent opening benefit to grab.

Other treats and benefits that companies can offer include free or discounted food, whether through an on-site cafeteria or a special scheme with local restaurants.

These paid-for provisions can extend to discounted access to subscriptions, whether it’s books, magazines or even wine clubs.

Another ‘basic’ perk is the supply of on-site entertainment, whether it’s pool tables, games consoles or in Google’s case, a fully functional bowling alley.

For selfless jobseekers, businesses can offer days off for employees to do voluntary work, in the same line as The Body Shop.

Businesses can also be generous by offering days off for more personal reasons, like making your birthday a holiday without cutting into your existing allowance.

Perfect perks: fitness, resting and taking time for parents

Moving up a step on the level of employee benefits that you might receive when working overseas, this collection is more focused on improving employees’ wellbeing.

For workers who need a bit of shut-eye without any stigma, there may be dedicated sleeping or resting rooms in place.

Employees can take a power nap in these facilities or just take a break from staring at screens.

For those who want to work off excess energy during their free time, companies can also go in the opposite direction by offering discount or free gym membership.

Companies like Reebok are at the forefront in offering this kind of benefit, in a bid to get all employees on board with its drive for healthier living.

Some businesses can even extend rewarding active employees to outside of work, if they go green on the commute. Businesses like Visa have a system of rewarding eco-friendly workers if they use carpooling or come in by bike, for example.

While it might not be offered during work hours, another benefit sure to drain stress levels can be laying on a night at the cinema for workers and their families.

An increasingly topical issue is also being addressed by employers – that of caring for children while also maintaining a career.

This can consist of an on-site nursery or throwing parties for employee’s children, or just providing generous levels of inclusive parental leave.

True leaders in this area are companies which minimise transitional difficulties by providing counselling or re-introduction sessions for those who have taken time off for parental leave.

Generous gifts: free holidays, villas and personal service

The top tier of employee perks and benefits contains offers which put companies in the spotlight for treating their workers well, whatever they’re looking for.

At US snowboard maker Burton, for example, in addition to flexible holiday employees can also get free access to alpine resorts to unwind as they hit the slopes.

Another perk that can significantly swing the work-life balance in favour of employees is the offering of a concierge service to handle personal tasks for workers.

Offered by companies like cleaning giant SC Johnson, a concierge service can be a good way of getting employee errands done during work hours to prevent stress building up.

A particularly luxurious perk for employees can be the company laying on an all-expenses paid holiday, providing that everyone wants to spend time off with the people they work with!