Huffington Post has given its top five places to buy a home overseas, as selected by Kathleen Peddicord of Live and Invest Overseas. Peddicord’s list shows her best options for buyers whether they are looking for a holiday home, re-location, investment or retirement property. Here’s what she says about each destination.


“This is one of the most dramatically beautiful and interesting countries in the world, and Buenos Aires is one of the world’s premier cities. Investing successfully in a place of your own in Argentina is all about timing, and the time again is now.”


“Focus on Istanbul rather than the vacation properties along the coast that many foreigners have been buying. Vacation markets supported by mostly foreign buyers are less liquid than a local market like Istanbul. When you decided to sell your asset in this city, you’d have many different potential buyers to appeal to.”

Dominican Republic

“A brand-new, one-bedroom apartment about a five-minute walk from a Caribbean beach for $100,000 or less that could be rented out for a good and reliable yield.”



“Focus on Malaga in the heart of the Costa del Sol. The town centre has some charm and a broad appeal. Prices are good, as low as €2,000 per square metre, a price point not seen here in many years.”


“Medellin is one of the most appealing places in the world to shop for an apartment you could use part time and rent out when you’re elsewhere for steady cash flow. More European than Latin American, Medellin is also one of the most pleasant places in the world to spend time thanks to its temperate climate, first-world infrastructure, great restaurants, and café culture.”