The owner of a medieval castle in the South of France is said to be fuming that his stately home has ended up for sale on a website which is better known for selling second-hand cars and bikes. The owner of Fort Queyras, a fortified castle with four drawbridges and its own dungeon, recently decided to put his €2.8 million fort up for sale.

He saw rouge, however, when he discovered that the 13th century residence had been advertised by his estate agent on the Le Bon Coin website, a classified site known in France for selling second-hand bikes and concert tickets.

The estate agent dealing with the sale defended his decision by saying he had little choice but to resort to using the website due to lack of potential interest from more traditional selling methods. This included a “For Sale” banner being draped over the ancient monument’s walls.

The estate agent said: “This is going to be a heavy financial burden for any potential buyer”. The advertisement has since been pulled from the Le Bon Coin website.