Living in another country can be an intimidating prospect. But no matter where you live, it’s always important to try and learn some of the local lingo. It will help significantly with your new life, from finding your local neighbourhoods and cities to making new friends and fitting in with the local community.

For those of you looking to move to France, here are a selection of really useful words and phrases to learn before you get there, just to get you started so you won’t feel completely lost after your move! Basic pronunciation examples are provided for each to help.




I am Je suis (zheu swee)
Please S’il vous plait (see-voo-play)
I’m looking for Je cherche (zheu share-sh)
Where is Où se trouve (oo suh tr-OO-v)
The toilet/restroom La toilette (lar twa-lette)
The train station La gare (lar gar)
The airport L’aeroport (l’aero-por)
A bank Une banque (une bonk)
Shops Des magasins (day magga-zan)
I want Je veux (zheu veu)
To eat Manger (mon-zhay)
Price Prix (pree)
How much is it Combien ça coûte (comm-bee-yen SAH coot)
To Buy Acheter (ash-tay)
To pay Payer (pay-yeh)
Excuse me Pardon (pahr-DOHN)
The bill, please L’addition s’il vous plait (lah-dee-SYOHN seel voo play)
How do you say __? Comment dit-on __? (koh-mahn dee-TONG __?)
I’m lost Je suis perdu (ZHUH swee pehr-DUU’)
I don’t understand Je ne comprends pas (zhuh nuh KOHM-prahn pah)
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais?  (par-lay VOO sahng-LEH?)
Thank you Merci (MAYR-see)