The latest data from the College of Registrars shows around 13% of all property purchases in Spain last year were made by international buyers, up 11% year-on-year from 2013 and the fifth consecutive year of growth.

The British were behind 17% of all property transactions registered by overseas buyers in 2014. Next were the French with a 10% share, followed by the Russians (7.5%) share, the Belgians (7%), the Swedes (6%), the Norwegians (4%), the Chinese (3.5%), and Romanians (2.5%).

Most international buyers originate from the Eurozone, where the recent fall in the value of the euro against other currencies had no effect. In contrast, the British have benefitted greatly as sterling has strengthened against the euro, providing them with even greater value on homes in Spain, where average property prices are some 43% off their 2007 highs.