Spain was the top target for property investors in June, according to the latest Top of the Props table from TheMoveChannel website, but it was the only European nation in the top five.

Spain moved up past the USA to head the table, but France fell outside the top ten for the first time. director Dan Johnson, says: “Concern surrounding Greece proved too contagious: continental favourites remain popular, but demand has been visibly impacted. This is only the second time in the last 12 months that the eurozone has not accounted for three of the top five countries on”

“Spain’s sunny Costas, though, were appealing enough to withstand the spreading worry.”

Spain’s share of enquiries on the website moved up slightly from the previous month (by 0.02%, to 6.68%) but at the same time, those for the USA dropped considerably, from 8.49% to 6.07%.

Of the three other major areas for British property buyers, France fell furthest, to just 1.99% of enquiries, to slip to 11th in the table, Portugal, fell from third place in May to sixth in June (down from 6.41% to 3.26%) and Italy went to ninth from fifth (down from 4.25% to 2.54%).

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