A new study by Esade, along with the Spanish Federation of Associations of Touristic Housing and Apartments (Fevitur) plus Salvetti & Llombart, has revealed that although hotels and guest houses are still the number one choice for tourists to stay in, the private rental market across Spain is getting ever more popular.

For Brits looking to buy a home and let it out to holidaymakers, the news that 14% of tourists visiting Spain last year (equating to 3.7million) stayed in private houses and villas will be welcomed. These tourists spent more than €2.68bn, including €900million on accommodation expenses.

The report surveyed over 1,200 tourists and holiday homeowners around Spain and discovered that one third of the tourists said they would not consider a holiday in an area without available holiday homes, because they did not want to stay in hotels.

Property professionals are hoping that these findings may help stimulate the Spanish housing market. A strong pound against the euro and good potential returns have made Spanish property an attractive investment for many British people.

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