Currency exchange to Australia and New Zealand

Poor exchange rates, fluctuating currency markets and needless charges by your bank mean that you could lose a lot of money when transferring money to Australia or New Zealand to pay for a property or its general upkeep.

Those people who opt to use a foreign exchange specialist, otherwise referred to as a foreign exchange specialist, typically find that they are able to secure an enhanced exchange rate, without all the unwanted extras, such as hidden charges and fees. In fact, you could save thousands of pounds by opting to use one instead of a high street bank.

For instance, if you are looking to buy a house in Australia for AUS$400,000 and transfer the funds with your bank, it would cost you £222,976 (that’s at the average bank’s exchange rate of AUS$1.00=£0.557p*, plus a £25 transfer fee).

Yet, the same transaction with a foreign exchange provider provider such as Currencies Direct would have cost you £216,348 (by removing transfer fees from the picture and using a more attractive exchange rate of AUS$1.00=£0.54p*).

(* Rates correct on 6 November 2014)

A few pointers

  • A high-street bank typically offer much lower exchange rates compared to an exchange specialist which, unlike a bank, will not usually charge transfers fees
  • The cost of buying the property will not be your only expense. Ongoing funds will be needed to fund the cost of running the property as well as general living expenses. A currency provider will save you money over the years
  • Set up rate alerts and subscribe to market newsletters so that you can work out when the market is performing well

Currency exchange for vendors as well as buyers

If you are about to selling a property in Australia or New Zealand, it is more than likely that you will need transfer a large sum of money back to the UK if indeed you are returning Great Britain. The exchange rate is crucial.

A ‘forward contract’ may be a suitable option. It allows you to lock in to today’s rates, subject to a low deposit, but transfer the money at a later date – up to one year.

“The currency markets are constantly fluctuating, so when moving a large sum of money, taking advantage of exchange rates when they are in your favour could literally save you thousands,” said Alistair Cotton of Currencies Direct.

Supporting your needs

Whether you are looking to reside in Australia or New Zealand permanently or regularly use a holiday property, you will almost certainly need to make frequent transfers from the UK in order to pay your bills and support yourself on a day to day basis. Again, FX providers are generally the best option for weekly, monthly or quarterly payments, as they are quicker, cheaper and offer the best exchange rates.

Understand what’s available

There are all sorts of money transfer services available, many of which have been designed to help meet your requirements at the best possible rate ensuring that your money goes further.

Spot transaction

You are able to acquire currency now, for instant transfer. Use for:

  • Paying bills in Australia or New Zealand
  • Transferring funds swiftly across your accounts
  • Sending money to a relative or friend

Forward transaction

Fix a rate for up to one year, subject to a small deposit, designed to us at a later date. Use for:

  • Purchasing or offloading a home abroad
  • Sizeable overseas purchases (eg a car)
  • Moving your life savings

Regular payments

Set up a Direct Debit and even lock in to a set exchange rate for up to one year. Use for:

  • Financing your mortgage payments
  • Pension transfers abroad
  • Transferring frequent payments to support your lifestyle

Restrict orders

Set an automated currency purchase when your target exchange rate is reached. Use for:

  • Huge benefits when exchange rates move in your favour
  • Transfers that are not time sensitive

Main reasons for using a foreign exchange specialist

People must manage their own currencies in order to ensure that their money goes further when making transfers overseas. Keep a close eye on the foreign exchange markets. Use the services of a currency specialist to help ensure that you get the best possible deal by minimising the risk of currency fluctuations.

  • FX providers offer a much better exchange rate compared to the banks
  • FX providers do not charge hidden fees, as opposed to banks which typically charge a transaction fee for sending and receiving money
  • A currency expert will always be available to help you
  • Most foreign exchange specialists offer you a 24/7 online money transfer service that enables you trade anywhere and at any time
  • Transfer money overseas with an FX provider in one to two days as opposed to a whole working week with a bank
  • Check to see if the foreign exchange provider you use is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Monitor the currency markets

Do not be alarmed if you do not have the time to assess what is happening in the currency markets. Foreign exchange specialists provide various tools that you may find helpful.

Call in the professionals

Set up a ‘rate watch’ with a foreign exchange specialist, enabling them to target a rate that you are interested in. Once briefed, they will assign a member of their expert team to monitor the markets for you, who will notify you when the rate becomes available. Banks do not offer this service due to a lack of time and resources.

Check your inbox

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Think Social

From a podcast on YouTube to a post on Facebook, many foreign exchange firms are now engaging with various social media platforms in order to keep their customers up to date with all the latest currency news, views and trends. Join their social networks.


Currencies Direct is the UK’s leading foreign exchange specialists and has helped more than 150,000 people with overseas money transfers. Visit for more information.

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