A new Perth-based start-up, claiming to be Australia’s first real estate crowdfunding platform, is looking to connect everyday investors with property developers seeking capital for their projects.  Investors can put in as little as AU$100 to participate.

CrowdfundUP has already signed up real estate company Megara, also based in Perth, to be the first real estate developer in Australia to participate in the platform’s developer partner program.

Founder John Quigley told specialist website StartupSmart that the platform will allow all kinds of people to invest in property.

“Nine out of 10 Australians invest in property or have an exposure to the Australian property market,” he says. “They know their suburbs, they know what’s going on around them. What we do is introduce investors to opportunities and then when they pull together they have increased buying power and that’s the benefit.”

“We’re not saying we’re immune from a property bubble or anything else – it’s the same as investing in the property market,” he says. “But what it is allowing you to do is that on a smaller scale so you don’t have to have that big exposure.”