The intrusion of paparazzi photograpsers has been cited as the main reason that actor George Clooney is now considering selling his Lake Como home. Clooney and his wife have attracted the attention of the world’s press since their wedding and the couple are concerned about their privacy at the home he bought in 2002 for around US$10million.

It is reported that the Clooneys are now considering an offer on the 18th-century Villa Oleandra, located in the town of Laglio, for US$100million.

Photographers recently snapped the couple saying goodbye to Robert De Niro and his wife following a dinner party at the mansion. He has made considerable use of the home since he bought it, hosting a number of his fellow Hollywood stars.

The Clooneys are popular with the people of Laglio and the town’s mayor, Roberto Pozzi, has taken steps to assist their bid for privacy, including issuing an ordinance this spring, stating that anybody who disturbs the occupants of the main house or the adjacent Villa Margherita, which George also owns, or found in the grounds without permission, would be fined.

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