Leisure airline Jet2.com has introduced a zero-tolerance policy regarding disruptive and inappropriate behaviour onboard its flights.

Phil Ward, the managing director of Jet2.com, says the new stance will protect families, holidaymakers and those travelling to their overseas homes, without the worry of disruptive behaviour onboard which includes racist behaviour, threatening conduct towards passengers and staff, and excessive consumption of alcohol. The airline serves 55 destinations across Europe.

Ward, Managing says: “Jet2.com is a holiday airline. We will not allow our customers’ holidays to be upset by an individual’s obnoxious behaviour. Passenger welfare is and always will be our number one priority which is why we have brought in these measures to take action against anyone who causes offence and disruption to our passengers and crew. We will not hesitate to prosecute individuals where necessary.”

A lifetime ban was recently imposed on a passenger on a flight to Alicante from Leeds Bradford Airport, who continued to consume illicit alcohol, use intimidating language and behave in a threatening manner, despite several warnings. The flight was diverted to Toulouse and the passenger removed. He may now face prosecution and be liable for the costs of the diversion.